Our Services

DMG Solar Technology provides a superior service which overall adds value to your property.

The solar systems we use boast credibility. DMG Solar Technology is known for effective installations for both residential and commercial solar power systems and we certainly have hundreds of satisfied clients across the region.

Help make Australia energy independent

Residential solar systems

Utilizing solar energy for solar power is the most environmental-friendly solution for residential homes. It contributes to reducing carbon emissions, and decrease the issue of global warming, making it a sustainable and oblivious way of becoming energy independent. DMG Solar Technology offers residential solar panel installations at affordable prices! We study and assess your energy needs and provide you with a pertinent energy solution.

Repairs and expansion

If you are already using solar power as the means for your electricity in your residential or commercial property and are looking to expand the size which supports the increased energy consumption, say from 50kW to a 100kW, you don’t need to look further.We’ve got you covered! Also, at times, the solar panels need some repairing and servicing- which is rare, but it does happen. We will be happy to help you at that time, for we’ve got the in-depth knowledge of the solar energy system and hence, even if we are not the original installers, we assure you the best service and quality work. DMG Solar Technology is authorized to do warranty work, which certainly is incredible.

Cleaning of the solar panels

You don’t really require cleaning of solar panels till the time they are placed in conditions where there is excessive dirt. In such cases, it is always better to look for a professional like us to do the needful. DMG Solar Technology provides timely assistance to all its clients.

Commercial solar systems

Businesses are always on a lookout to find out ways to reduce costs, and here at DMG Solar Technology, we provide a one-stop solution for all their energy requirements. We acknowledge those businesses who look up to sustainable solutions and hence, provide them the most genuine prices. We take pride in installing solar power systems of all sizes, be it as small as 10kW and as large as a 100kW energy solution.

Moving solar panels

If you are moving to your new home or office and had an existing solar power system installed there, you would want to move it with you to the new place to enjoy its advantages. We at DMG Solar Technology can happily move it for you to your desired destination and install it again so that you can reap its benefits without being guilty of harming the environment through your energy consumption.