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About DMG Solar Technology

DMG Solar Technology is one of the most successful solar power system installers in Perth. We have been providing sustainable energy solutions for many years. We guarantee the services we provide and take pride in the quality of the work we deliver which is to highest possible standards.

We have an extensive list of satisfied clients, both residential and commercial, who have chosen us to take them on their Energy Saving journey. We are committed to fulfilling your requirements and will provide extensive advice on how best to maximize the return on your investment.

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We will provide you with a solution which meets all your energy needs

We ensure that your property is approved for the government rebate prior to the commencement of any installation

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DMG Solar Technology aims at providing top-notch service and
adds value to your property as a whole.

  • Credibility

  • Experienced Professionals

  • Licensed and Certified Team

  • Australian 5-year Warranty

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Friendly Customer Service

  • Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

  • All Under One Roof